The Off-Season Agenda, Part Four

4. Lock up Tyson Ross. The Padres might want to take their time before determining what to do with Andrew Cashner. No question, the talent is there. But for the third year in a row, Cashner missed significant playing time, and this year, he missed over one-third of his starts due to a sore elbow. If he can show by mid-June that he is healthy, then by all means revisit an extension. But until then, it’s best to wait.

The story is different for Ross. He showed himself to be the ace of the staff, winning 13 games and sporting a 2.81/1.21/.230 slash. Ross likely would have equaled Kennedy’s feat of 200 strikeouts if not for a minor injury in mid-September–after which the Padres wisely played it safe by shutting him down, causing him to miss his final three starts.

Suffice to say, Ross has pitched like an ace in his two seasons in San Diego. The Padres should do themselves a favor and lock him in for at least the next three years.


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