Yasmani Tomas Signs With [Not the Padres]

Once all the hoopla settled down, it turns out that Yasmani Tomas is not going to be a Padre. It has been reported that Tomas has just signed a six-year contract with the division-rival Arizona Diamondbacks.

This has got to be a huge disappointment for San Diego, and especially for general manager A.J. Preller, who had been aggressively pursuing Tomas. Just this past weekend, Preller personally visited Tomas’ agent in the Dominican Republic. Tomas may very well have been the Padres’ best bet to obtain a premium bat this off-season.

So, what now? In the short term, it’s back to the drawing board for Preller. All is not lost; as Fox Sports reported recently, Preller has been very diligent in his job, inquiring with numerous other GM’s about various players who might be obtainable via trades.

The best bet right now would seem to be Boston; on top of signing third baseman Pablo Sandoval, they also inked Hanley Ramirez, and announced that he would be the new everyday left fielder. But this adds to an already-crowded outfield, which currently includes Allen Craig and Yeonis Cespedes, in addition to young talent Mookie Betts and Jackie Bradley, Jr., and Cuban defector Rusney Castillo. Craig and Cespedes would probably be the most attainable, and perhaps San Diego and Boston would be open to an even swap: Cespedes for Ian Kennedy, since both are free agents after the 2015 season.

Even still, it has got to be disappointing to Padre fans in general, and A.J. Preller in particular, that Tomas signed elsewhere. It’s not the end of this off-season for San Diego, but regardless of whatever else happens, it does put a damper on things.


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