Mark McGwire, San Diego Padres

Padre fans never considered the possibility that the above would one day be a reality. But so it is.

However, it is not as a player on a quest to surpass Babe Ruth, but as a bench coach–the rough equivalent of a backup/assistant manager.

Some might find the move to be controversial, given McGwire’s past use of performance-enhancing drugs (PED’s). And surely, if he had not done so, he would already be in Baseball’s Hall of Fame. McGwire doubtlessly understands that his alleged cheating has proven to be very costly to his reputation.

Even still, he has strived to restore said reputation. For the last three years, he served as the Dodgers hitting coach. Consider also that Barry Bonds is likely to be tapped as the new Marlins hitting coach.

In 2010, McGwire publicly admitted to PED use, and personally apologized to his then-manager Tony La Russa and Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig. However, he said the reason for his use as health reasons (citing his many injuries from 1992-96), and saying he believed that he still would have hit 70 home runs in 1998 without them (for more, see here).



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